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Learn How To Navigate A Party

With Lisa Lou

9+ Modules

Each module is packed with resources, podcasts and images to make every event a breeze.

Normally $99

Now $89
Special Limited-time 10% Off Deal!

Lifetime access to the entire program

30 day money back guarantee

100% Exclusive

Experienced hostess reveals her hospitality secrets in her first-ever online course. 

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Jan Patrick

2nd Lady of Texas

Husband: Dan Patrick

Lt. Governor of Texas

Several years ago, Lisa and Christopher hosted a political event for my husband.  Lisa is a such a welcoming and gracious hostess. The event centered around tables of amazing and tasty desserts that made it easy to interact with the guest in a casual and fun setting.  We especially appreciated how she made everyone feel like family by opening the event with a prayer. It is a model for what all events should be.


Elisabeth Rush

MEd., Licensed Academic Language Therapist

Husband: Hank Rush

Star of Hope President & CEO

In our many years of knowing the Zooks, nothing feels more “homey” than being with them in their beautiful home! It’s always filled with warmth and hospitality... their graciousness makes you feel like you’re part of “the family!” No stranger walks into the Zook’s home! And, their beauty in entertaining provides style and elegance! We can’t wait to get invites to the Zook’s parties. But, we never feel like we need an invite. We’re welcome anytime we knock! 


Heidi Cruz

Managing Director Goldman Sachs 

Husband: Senator Ted Cruz

Lisa Zook is the best hostess you could wish for. She creates a warm, cozy, welcoming, yet sophisticated, environment filled with practical spaces for food, fun and conversation. She knows how to create an environment of friendship, conversation and relaxation. Because of Lisa’s impeccable atmosphere in preparation for her guests, she invites you into a place where you are self motivated to be on your best behavior.

A lifetime of entertaining has formed the basis for the love Lisa Lou has for creating hospitable situations and encouraging people to return to the table. She is a strong believer that we learn to "do life" when friends, family and even strangers, gather together to learn from each other. Whether hosting a party for 300 or having an intimate dinner for 12, Lisa Lou’s greatest joy comes when she can provide a gift of respite from everyday life to her guests. She is certified by the Charleston School of Protocol and has a B.A. in Journalism from Texas Tech University.  When she is not busy writing blogs, mentoring young women or hosting parties, she enjoys spending time with her family and their Labrador Retriever, Colonel.

Meet Lisa Lou

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Engaging Lessons

Learn Lisa's foundations for navigating parties and have all your entertainment questions answered. 

Party Checklist

A downloadable checklist accompanies the course with lesson recaps that will help you be a sought after guest for any affair.

Anytime, Anywhere

Learn on your own terms, at your own pace on mobile, desktop or laptop. Easy to reference modules will help you avoid last-minute google searches about your latest social dilemma.

Lesson Plan


With 5 easy actionable steps, you'll learn how to handle an invitation and the best practices of how and when to RSVP. 



Don't stress over what to wear. In this module, I break down exactly how to dress for every occasion. 



Never wonder what an appropriate hostess gift is, again! You'll receive 10 ideas perfect for every type of host.  

The Hostess Gift


There are certain obligations we take on when we agree to attend a party. Lisa gives her top tips to make sure you'll be the best guest.

Obligation As A Guest


It's easy to be intimidated when making your entrance at a social event. With these helpful tips, you'll feel confident that you belong at any party.

Make An Entrance 


It can be difficult to know the subtleties of introduction etiquette. In this module, I break down all the unspoken rules.



No matter the place setting this module will equip you to handle any dinner party you encounter.

The Dinner


Increase your confidence at your next social gathering by learning the ins and outs of this ancient tradition.



Handling the follow up after a party is just as important as your actions during a party. I share my best practices for following-up with class.

The Follow-Up

Navigate A Party

Normally $99
Now $89
Special Limited-time 10% Off Deal!
Lifetime Access to the Entire Program 
30-day money-back guarantee
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