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Based On Your Answers to the Quiz, Here's What I Recommend...

Learn How To Entertain With Confidence

With Lisa Lou

10+ Modules

Each module is packed with resources, podcasts, images and checklists to make every event a breeze.

Normally $99
Now $69
Special Limited-Time 30% Off Deal

Lifetime access to the entire program

30 day money back guarantee

100% Exclusive

Experienced hostess reveals her hospitality secrets in her first-ever online course. 


Joni Hruska Fichter 

Owner/President Career Placement, Inc.

Husband: Mark Fichter

Director at Fluor

From poolside cocktails, backyard BBQs, themed soirees and celebratory showers to the most festive and bright holiday parties, delicious seated dinners and elegantly extravagant weddings, Lisa instills engaging, heartwarming hospitality as she helps friends and guests enjoy the evening of sharing “life” that lies ahead!


Missy Roe

Mrs. Missouri

Husband: Jeff Roe

Founder of Axiom Strategies

Growing up in a home where we ate dinner in front of the television, my knowledge-base for entertaining was pretty limited. Lisa helped me understand not only the basics, but also the special touches that could set my event apart. With her kind encouragement and strong guidance, Lisa provided me the tools I needed to do it right. Over the years I had gathered a hodgepodge of hostessing tips but never felt my events came off the way I desired. Lisa helped me better prepare, narrow my focus and entertain with confidence. 

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Jan Patrick

2nd Lady of Texas

Husband: Dan Patrick

Lt. Governor of Texas

Several years ago, Lisa and Christopher hosted a political event for my husband.  Lisa is such a welcoming and gracious hostess. The event centered around tables of amazing and tasty desserts that made it easy to interact with the guests in a casual and fun setting. We especially appreciated how she made everyone feel like family by opening the event with a prayer. It is a model for what all events should be.

A lifetime of entertaining has formed the basis for the love Lisa Lou has for creating hospitable situations and encouraging people to return to the table. She is a strong believer that we learn to "do life" when friends, family and even strangers, gather together to learn from each other. Whether hosting a party for 300 or having an intimate dinner for 12, Lisa Lou’s greatest joy comes when she can provide a gift of respite from everyday life to her guests. She is certified by the Charleston School of Protocol and has a B.A. in Journalism from Texas Tech University.  When she is not busy writing blogs, mentoring young women or hosting parties, she enjoys spending time with her family and their Labrador Retriever, Colonel.

Meet Lisa Lou

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Anytime, Anywhere

Engaging Lessons

Learn Lisa's foundations for hosting parties and have all your entertainment questions answered. 

Party Checklist

A downloadable checklist accompanies the course with lesson recaps, and a repeatable strategy for stress-free entertaining.

Anywhere, Anytime

Learn on your own terms, at your own pace on mobile, desktop or laptop. Easy to reference modules will help you avoid last-minute google searches about your latest social dilemma.

Lesson Plan


Meeting friends for dinner after work or ordering pizza on a Friday night with neighbors. We all have a deep desire to be connected in a world that often forgets the importance of communing with friends.



Twelve Months of Entertaining will provide party ideas and recipes for each month of the year.

12 Months of Entertaining 


My approach to entertaining is KISS: Keep It Simple Silly. In this module, you'll learn easy decorating tips for every month of the year.

Decor Ideas for 12 Months of Entertaining


Learn how to avoid headaches for you and your guests by providing the information every invitation needs. 



I'll break down the key factors in creating your guest list, and give tips for avoiding drama to create an enjoyable evening for all. 

The Guest List


The exact blueprint of how I rehearse my parties to ensure you have planned for everything from where to set purses to who will answer the door.

My Party Needs A Rehearsal? 


From appetizers to formal dinners, the key to minimizing stress and having a successful get-together is determining what's on the menu. 

The Menu


With this pre-party checklist, you'll be able to remember those pesky things most commonly forgotten by even the most experienced hostess. 

Things Most Hosts Forget


The ultimate guide to understanding the responsibilities of a hostess, and tips for how to show decorum in any small talk situation. 

Duties of the Successful Host


This module will help you tie everything together and learn to entertain with confidence.

Tying It All Together

Entertain With Confidence

Normally $99
Now $69
Special Limited-time 30% Off Deal!
Lifetime Access to the Entire Program 
30-day money-back guarantee
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