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Common sense advice for the modern woman of faith 
Helping you navigate the waters of friends, family and faith, so you can stop second-guessing yourself and start enjoying life to the fullest.









Self Improvement




Are you looking for faith based advice that’s practical to daily life? 

Confused over contradicting and overly complicated advice

Lack a support system of other women who can guide you

Desire straightforward advice from someone you can trust

Feel exhausted from trying to personify the perfect woman

Want applicable advice on how to "do life" as a woman, well

Feel like most faith-based advice isn't applicable to daily tasks

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I know it isn't always easy to balance life as a woman, from school pickups to keeping the house clean and planning a get together with friends. There isn't a common sense handbook for how a woman of faith can navigate life well. With the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years, I want to share all the practical tips and tricks I've learned so you can stop wasting time stressing and second-guessing yourself and get back to enjoying your life to the fullest. 

Hi Friends,

Etiquette Guide Since 1992

Wife & Mom for 3 Decades

BA in Journalism

Certified Marriage Mentor

Certified Home Stager

Certified by Charleston

School of Protocol


Heidi Cruz

Managing Director Goldman Sachs 

Husband: Senator Ted Cruz

Lisa is the best hostess you could wish for. She creates a warm, cozy, welcoming, yet sophisticated environment. She knows how to create an environment of friendship, conversation and relaxation.

Hillin_Jamie Headshot_edited.jpg

Jamie Hillin

 Senior Director

Cushman Wakefield

Husband: Bobby Hillin

1986 Winner-Talladega 500

Lisa is a great role model when it comes to manners, entertaining and doing life with family around the table. She walks the talk! Her wisdom, teaching and application are relevant and timely and will inspire you to see truth in living like a lady.


Missy Roe

Mrs. Missouri

Husband: Jeff Roe

Founder of Axiom Strategies

Over the years I had gathered a hodgepodge of hostessing tips but never felt my events came off the way I desired. With her strong guidance and kind encouragement, Lisa provided me the tools I needed to do it right. Lisa helped me better prepare, narrow my focus and entertain with confidence. 


Elisabeth Rush

MEd., Licensed Academic Language Therapist

Husband: Hank Rush

Star of Hope President & CEO

In our many years of knowing the Zooks, nothing feels more “homey” than being with them in their beautiful home! It’s always filled with warmth and hospitality. Their graciousness makes you feel like you’re part of the family! 

Get the Guidance You've Been Looking For

You want to be the best woman you can be. But let’s just say there is a lot to learn when it comes to being a modern woman! And applicable everyday guidance is hard to come by for women of faith. You deserve common-sense advice to navigate the waters of friends, family and faith. Having gone through the ups and downs of marriage and motherhood, I felt it was important to create a place where those questions could be answered. Subscribe to receive weekly tips + tricks, dive into my free resources and reach out to me with your questions, so you can get reliable, faith-based advice that allows you to stop second guessing yourself, and start enjoying life to the fullest.  

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